In order to meet the requirements in the regulations applicable to the websites of public authorities, in the design of the website of the Higher Council for Scientific Research have taken a number of measures in order to guarantee the accessibility of the contents and manual accessibility reviews , supplemented by various semi - automatic verification of compliance with priority points 1 and 2 as defined in the specification of accessibility guidelines to web content ( WAAG 1.0) tools are regularly performed . Last Review 17/02/2011


Accessibility measures incorporated

Text Size

Have been used with relative font sizes so that if the user prefers a larger font can select through the text size options of your browser.


Structure of pages

This portal is designed with a simple format that makes it easy to become familiar with the structure of documents , facilitating the navigation for those who need technical aids to navigation.

Style sheets ( CSS) for presentation of information and HTML code for proper structuring are used. The layout is properly adapted to the most common user agents and font sizes defined in measures to allow resizing .

For any non-text element contains the necessary alternatives so that any user encounters barriers of access to content .

The links provide details of the function or destination of the hyperlink. Interaction mechanisms that facilitate the user 's location information and guidance through the site is.


Continuous improvement

The commitment of the Superior Council for Scientific Research to accessibility includes a process of continuous improvement. Currently some sections of the site does not offer an optimal level of accessibility by technology issues . These sections are in the process of adaptation to the accessibility criteria



If you find any problem with navigation or display , let us know through the contact form on this website

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